Who reads this blog or subscribes to it?

I wake up in the morning, and laying in my bed, often the first thing I do, is speak to God. Sometimes just a ‘one liner’.  Then, I go about my day and that day has so many dimensions. Fashion, friendships, fitness, books, emotions, victories, struggles. I know some of the best blogging advice out there says focus on one thing, but to me that would not be authentic. What woman spends her entire day doing one thing? If I didn’t exercise that day, I probably read a book. So that day on the blog a wrote a book review. The next day because of a heart to heart with a friend, I wrote about about friendships. Life is a medley of things.

This blog is dedicated to a day in a woman’s life. A woman dedicated to growing not just one, but several aspects of her life. A business, relationships, a healthy lifestyle, etc.

If that’s you, don’t hesitate to subscribe and engage. I look forward to engaging with you.

Joanita X