I remember growing up avoiding colour.

My older sister called anything bright ‘shouting’ and always advised to steer clear of that spectrum all together.

In my early teens I was quite lanky and didn’t look like the rest, and ‘they’ never let me forget it.

Well, here’s the interesting thing about programming…there’s always an anomaly!

Turns out my wardrobe is as bright as a fruit basket and I don’t look to trends for validation.

The fact that I like good lighting doesn’t mean, I am calling for an airbrush to soften my melanin.

I may be dark but am perfectly good at it…

When people tell me I look good wearing makeup, I tell them I look good without it too.

When I hear women say they don’t have the right cup size for this and that, I tell them, ‘Ain’t no right cup size!’

A comment like ‘she’s too masculine’  within my hearing range will not escape unchecked!

Hour glass is not the best glass.

Light skin is not the only right skin.

Whatever shape and colour God made you to be, be!

And make no apologies…


If I allowed myself to be boxed in by all the colour prerequisites out there, I would have missed summer’s call for panache…..

‘When it comes to self image don’t start out for perfection, start from self appreciation’ ~ Coco



  1. Not true about your older sister …but way to were made the way you were made, as is with everyone else…and that’s the best the Creator could do with you, He makes no mistakes

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