Water into wine (Easter Edition)

Happy Easter to you, my dear readers! I hope you all managed to get a moment, a midst the festivities and excitement of a four day weekend, to reflect on the significance of the only risen king.

I myself, had a gracious invite to dinner, at newly opened Italian  restaurant right in the heart of Glasgow, Osteria Del Tempo Perso.  I must say, I was rather impressed with the consistency in the Italian theme. The delivery came together rather brilliantly. The friendly and formidable staff, who all turned out be Italian, didn’t mind engaging in a few seconds of banter between courses, and it added a personal touch to the service , unlike sometimes where you really feel like your eating in the middle of no where!  The feast started off with a colorful platter of meats, cheese and garlic bread, then moved onto a ‘lasagna di mama’  for the main, that I spent more time trying to cool down than devouring, no one’s fault really! When I eventually tucked in, it was good, tastier better than any homemade version I had ever had, so that ticked the box.



The highlight, as always is for me, was the beautiful cheesecake I had at the end. I kept expecting it to melt away because of its texture and presentation. I could have sworn it was vanilla ice cream when it first landed in front of me, but it was not too sweet, not too creamy. In the words of Jamie Oliver, ‘Gorgeous!’ Then again I would say that about most cheesecakes!


I have never had a more consistently great selection of wine, from the Rose I had, onto the bottle of white wine I went onto hijack from my friend.  For someone like me, who has never been to Italy, it presented a believable arrangement, by the end of the night. A true Italian story…


This picture here, although taken meaninglessly, reminds me of moment in history. The night Jesus turned water into wine. Some of you may not know this one. Jesus and his disciples where at a wedding where wine run out, and his mother, being aware of the divine nature dwelling in her son, insisted he turn the water into wine. The specifics of the miracle are particularly of interest. He ordered for six stone water pots, that had been used to wash hands and feet, as was Jewish ceremonial tradition, to be topped up to the brim. Just think, what would your reaction be, if you where told the raw material of your wine, was bath water?! However, when he was through with it, it turned out to be the finest wine that night, leaving  the uninformed groom remarking, that the best wine was saved for last! There were no traces of what it was before…

It was his first miracle ever. The beginning of his supernatural works. It is interesting that the miracle itself, was a reflection of the purpose he came to fulfill, transformation. Our lives and circumstances, as water, washed up, often counted out and thrown to side, awaiting disposal….really needing  Jesus’ touch, to turn it into the best wine.

 “This is wonderful stuff!” he said. “You’re different from most. Usually a host uses the best wine first, and afterwards, when everyone is full and doesn’t care, then he brings out the less expensive brands. But you have kept the best for the last!” ~ The groom, wedding at Cana. John 2:10 TLB



  1. Happy Easter Love! Sorry it is late but better late than never. Thanks for this. The food looks divine! But the message spoke to the heart so thanks a lot!

    • Happy Easter doll! Yes it’s still the season still glad to get your greeting. So glad you it warmed your heart, always warms mine too to know He is here to make me better no matter how bad it gets xx

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