BLOGGING 101: Interview with Scottish Blogger Nicole Corbett

Hey RM fam,

Thinking of starting a blog? Not sure of what it will entail? What about finding motivation/inspo for content?

I am super chuffed to be chatting with the lovely Nicole who you can find over at Nicole Corbett Blog

Today we are talking all things blogging! Go and grab a cuppa and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed interviewing Nicole!





Hey girl! So first things first: tell us about yourself!


Hi! My name is Nicole and I am a Scottish blogger based just outside of Glasgow who covers everything from Travel, Lifestyle, Health and much more, the list is never ending. I work full time in social work, but in my spare time I love photography, and often take pictures from different events I have attended to feature in my blog… luckily, I have been fortunate enough to attend some really cool events over the years!

I also love all things fashion and beauty related. I love to try out new products and brands and always find myself splashing my wages trying to discover the next star brand or beauty must have!


What got you into blogging?


I started blogging on WordPress, where I featured different nail designs and spoke about my training and learning experiences. I set it up alongside my Nail Technician course and found it a great way to record my progress and share my skills with other newbies like myself.

When I became qualified a year later, I decided I wanted to expand and start afresh, by setting up a new website and broadening my horizons, allowing me to talk about a bigger variety of interests.

I spoke about some issues which I felt needed to be discussed, like Mental Health and body image which a lot of people enjoyed, however I wanted to chat about some of my hobbies too, which lead me to covering all sorts! It really is a mix, however 3 and half years later and I am still going strong!


Who are some of your favourite bloggers and why?


I do have a couple of bloggers who I admire, firstly one of my favourites has to be ‘Maria J Blogs’. I love her content and how much work she puts into every picture and post! She has built such a loyal and ever-growing following through her determination which makes me want to work harder on my own content.

I also love ‘Kris Munro’, a fellow Scottish Food blogger, who I was lucky enough to be interviewed by a year back. His posts are honest and detailed and brilliant for discovering some great places to eat in and around Glasgow!


How do you get inspiration for writing content for your blog?


I take inspiration from everywhere to be honest. I like to be quite free with my posts, I don’t like following a trend so if I feel like writing about something, then I will. Nevertheless, I do get inspiration from other bloggers and Instagrammers, their posts and photos can often spark ideas for my own blog.


If any, what are some challenges you have faced being a UK blogger?


I wouldn’t say being a UK blogger brings many challenges, I think blogging as a whole now is such a popular and normal thing for many people, it is widely accepted worldwide. It can be difficult being based in Scotland, as a lot of blog related conferences and events, which can be beneficial to improving your blog and building your skills, are England based, making it difficult for us North of the border to take advantage of. However, it simply makes me more determined and motivated to work harder.


Have opportunities opened up for you since you started your blog?


I have been so lucky to work with some amazing companies and attend some exciting events over the years.

I started working with some smaller brands to begin with, but now find myself working with Moonpig, Mad Beauty and Hotel Chocolat!

I was a Soap and Glory #BabesofGlory for a year and I am continuously working alongside Nivea on some exciting campaigns.

I was also lucky enough to be signed up to some agencies which have allowed me opportunities to visit hotels and restaurants for an honest review too… so the hard work has really paid off!


Love hearing when hard work pays off and you can see the result! I think these days a lot of people struggle balancing things in and around their life!

How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?


I used to be strict and stick to a time schedule, however due to some medical issues I struggle with that, so I only upload when I can

I never upload a post which has been thrown together in a hurry; I would rather spend a lot of time creating something of high quality than uploading something rushed. I know when I am most productive, which means my posts will be of higher quality.

I always try and spend a bit of time at the weekend, whether it is even lying in bed with the laptop, creating some content as I know after work I might not be as productive.


It is about knowing the best time to get creative that has been advantageous for me.


That is some good advice! When it comes to those moments of “brain freeze” and motivational levels can drop a tad! How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up and running?


I do go through slumps where I struggle for motivation, however as soon as I get some motivation, I grab it and run! Reading other bloggers pages always gives me a little kick and inspires some ideas for my own content.

I also follow a lot of social media groups where fellow bloggers can chat about their ideas and experiences, which is a great way to motivate my own thoughts too. I always have a notepad and pen ready for if any ideas come to my head… it means I won’t forget them later and can use them in a future post!


That’s smart! I know this next question will be super helpful for a few folk out there: What golden piece of advice would you give someone who wants to start a blog?


Defo go for it! I absolutely love writing and inspiring my readers, there is no greater reward than reading your comments and seeing your post made someone smile!

It is a lot of hard work and won’t be an instant success… it took me years before I was happy with my blog and my content, however I am proud of what I have created over the years.

It really is a great way to express yourself and I continue to learn every day!


Last but not least, where can we find you?

I am over at Nicole Corbett Blog


Twitter; @NicoleCorbett94

Instagram; @nicolecorbett94


Be sure to check out this gem and show her some love over on her blog! Thank you Nicole for sharing!


Have a fab weekend!



Chloe x

Chloe Ados


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    This was super helpful and informative, especially with the tips on motivation and helping a blog run efficiently.


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