So the results are in ….

I can honestly say my hair does not frustrate me anymore. The knots, the length, the works, I have accepted. I don’t care for more thickness or blackness. My hair is what it is. God given!

I can happily style my hair. Yes sometimes, I’ll hold onto a style an extra few days than I should, but if I had an event, an interview, etc, it won’t take me more than 20 minutes to create something ‘photo worthy’.

I am not intimidated by external comments on natural hair. Caucasians can never begin to understand black hair; it wasn’t given to them to do so. It was given to me. If girls wearing weave and wigs think I don’t look smart well they look as equally as questionable working with two different hair textures, pony tails on wigs and weaves and host of other ‘trending looks’. The point is glass houses, stones and hair! You get the point. To me it’s not a conversation worth debating anymore; I am simply going in my direction.

Along the challenge, I learned to respect other people’s decision to keep braiding or weaving, whether they are time saving, or prefer that look, it’s rightfully, their prerogative.  My journey is here for misconceptions not transformations. One can love their own journey while respecting another’s.

The life lessons in hair, eyyyyy?!!



  1. This year i learnt to love my hair, learn my hair too. Thin strand 4a/4b low porosity and scarcely populated on the head. Its not black neither brown but i love it…But that doesn’t mean i didn’t struggle to try making it darker or thicker and my favorite longer. I have learnt that my hair is unique not different making me love my hair and myself even more. Thanks to you….I have learnt a lot. Love big sis jo.

    • sis! This made my day! Thanks for sharing this, and always supporting the blog!The love is real.

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