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Hi there,

My name is Coco, and welcome to my rich medley of physical, spiritual, social and emotional writings.
A journal of all my aspirations as I grow creatively.

I enjoy reading a good write-up, watching inspirational and challenging stuff, and in my spare time, I enjoy reclining and allowing my creative thoughts to run away with me. I find a good snooze equally as colourful as my other interests.

I like to challenge thought and my close friends would define me as ‘having no chill’ to which I would agree partially. I would describe myself as ‘having no chill within the confines of my beliefs as a christian’. I am finding its pretty challenging and roomy colouring within these lines, as it is. This is the launch pad for most of my writings.

You only live once but if you make it a rich medley, once is enough!
Dance, Write, Laugh, Strive, Listen, Run, Pray.
Make The Chapters A Rich Medley!

I hope the writings on this blog will reflect this journey, and inspire yours.
Please subscribe, comment and generally hang about! 😛

J Coco xx





Hey reader!


My name is Chloe and I am the co writer here for Riche Medley.

With me you’ll find writings and reflections relating to faith, lifestyle and everything in between!

In my spare time I enjoy hillwalking with my husband and family, writing, reading and spending time with friends (if I can fit a nap in there somewhere it’s a win!)

It’s my hope that you find the chapters within my medley encouraging, uplifting and can go on your day with a smile even!


I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing!


Chloe xx



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