People watching but it’s not just nothing
You want more, no clue what you sign up for?
Yeah, eye seeing something
I see too many designer bags as ‘red flags’
A little too much about the tags!
Today everything’s for sale
Today even your soul would sell

Eyes peeled on those considered as the greats
Alas, you can’t afford to get the best breasts
Luckily, you can certainly afford the next best
A fixation with those who can get it fixed
Only they also, got it mixed
But don’t worry, that just means you’re both linked.
Let’s keep watching, but let me tell you how they are really marching!

They’ll spare no expense
Make it worth the suspense
As the plot thickens…
They didn’t spend all that money, to smile at themselves in the mirror.
Maybe when we all wake-up things will be clearer
They did it to watch you smile watching them watch the mirror.
How do you smile while watching a horror?
That’s makes you equally in error
This is what entertainment is made of!
Honestly, it’s a fair trade off!
All smiles right?!

And the highlight of this mess?
We can’t even trace the contours of this sect
Conceal in favour for what’s not real
A decade ago, these things would make you blush
Today, you better hush! Here you go baby
Apply some rouge for the ruse!
Perfect! All together now, let’s sing the blues.

It’s like a cancer, can we really find a cure
Can we get an answer; go back to what’s pure?
When beauty was demure, and of ourselves we were sure

If somebody told you, you could be complete, with no need to compete
If someone told you cynicism needn’t be your cycle
If someone told you narcissism is the new classism
Would you identify it and try to fight it!
Or do you already know, and want a bite of it?

Your nose and rear, purely smoke and mirror!
In whose eyes are you really a canvas? Shallow Hal!
What was once fallow land, now a narrow nose.
What was once proportionate, now unfortunate.
Dear Lord, I hope it’s not too late!



I consider the cycle of constant buying and trying different products a rite of passage for every ‘new natural’! After all, the territory is new and the product reviews are many, so you have to run through a few to discover what works. However it’s pretty easy to make this a lifestyle, well after you have found what works. A quick look at most natural hair gurus on YouTube will confirm this. There’s always a new product on the market. A new range from your favourite brand. A new product review. There is always more.

It took for me to move house to realise just how many products I had accumulated! Too many! Too many oils ( argan, jojoba, castor oil, tea tree, lavender, coconut), too many shampoos (boots, QP Elasta, Herbal Essence, Shea Moisture), deep conditioners, leave –ins,  boxes and shelves worth of products. I was a product junckie and moving house was a God sent intervention! I threw bottles of oils and shampoos away and I arrived at what I now call my natural hair mantra, ‘Keep it simple’. When it comes to styling and products, the best way forward is to keep it simple.

Here’s how I stripped back on products and manipulation to allow me a simple hair regimen.


2 Oils

I have settled on only two oils over time. One light (coconut oil) and one thick (Jamaican black castor oil). I do like jojoba oil as well, but for simplicity, I have chosen these two for rotation.  The thicker oil is especially used in the winter for sealing. The lighter one, almost daily. Coconut oil is great for shine and really penetrates the hair. Jamaican black castor oil is also great for shine and my edges. So its not just a random selection. They are multipurpose, tried and true. Just those two!

 1 Leave-in Conditioner

Every time you watch a natural’s video on staples, it reveals at least three deep conditioners and 3 leave-ins. I know a particular guru who tries every single range Shea Moisture realises! Great for the channel, but in real life, not so much. Trust me, you only need one!


2 products (1 Normal Shampoo, 1 Clarifying Shampoo)

I did away with co-washing, and I know that’s a big deal in natural world but, apart from adding build up, it does nothing for my scalp. So that got cancelled! Wash day is purely a tried and true shampoo and followed by a deep conditioner


2 deep conditioners ( 1 moisture, 1 protein)

Moisture is key, but so is protein. So I personally alternate two deep conditioners. But I stick two and no more.


My advice is have one quick go to! Don’t always fidget trying this and that, that’s where frustration comes in. I know for some 4C girls, its twist outs! Ideally it should be something that’s easily done, allows a good mid-week moisture routine and something that will stay neat for a few good days!

Keeping things simple really is the key to maintaining 4C natural hair, as 4C strives on low manipulation. So think high moisture and less manipulation. Put the few products and chosen protective style in rotation and you are sure to make life easy with a simple hair regimen.

Remember if the product works, you don’t need to be hunting for another, stick with it. Your shelves, strands and pocket will thank you!

Check out my YouTube video to see my product staples!


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Coco x