Time, texture, product and styling. These are the key factors that went into my natural hair journey. These are factors that can either make or break your decision to go natural. I would throw mindset in there too because, beauty is an inside job! It is interesting that these factors work together almost in a symbiotic flow.

Styling is in the mix, because if you don’t know what to do, you simply can’t do! The result of that is frustration! I previously stated that over a year of my early stages of natural hair was spent in braids or under a wig! Today, I happily, eschew both! This is not a natural progression. It’s not a guaranteed transition, nor something done by most naturals. A few tinker with wigs, weave and braids every now again to protective style but personally, I noticed something was especially off in my perception of my hair. I know a few other naturals who completely prefer to wear braids or weave while waiting for a desirable length or magical health to come. Which, quite honestly will never come! Clearly they have already achieved a great length.  I believe if you don’t learn to care for hair early, then the same pitfalls will apply later. If you don’t see your beauty when your hair is an afro, you won’t see it when you achieve shoulder length.

I have learned when it comes to beauty, there is no microwave. We must all undergo the program of learning to love ourselves. A quick fix on the outside will never fix the inside. So we must learn to face ourselves in the mirror!

I decided to face my hair! Challenge myself. Get to know myself, and I believe God was at the centre of it. The challenge might look different for everyone. For me, it just meant going a little longer without braiding my hair!


  • Leave my hair out during the winter. The misconception was that natural hair breaks during the winter.
  • Wash my hair more as often as required. The misconception was natural hair breaks a lot when washed, for various reasons, including tangling and manipulation surrounding wash days and so to retain length one must stretch wash days.
  • Braid and weave my hair less. The misconception was that natural hair will always be time consuming and hard to manage so needs to be put away.

Was it an easy challenge? Nope. But the world was never going to hand me hair and beauty compliments consistently. The world wants my self image and perception to be what the world’s version of self image is at that time. Today that image is red and hot, tomorrow it blue and cold. The world is running away with itself and this is where I get off, by finding myself.  Who did God intend for me to be?!  I was never going to find out by following misconceptions and perceptions. I had to break new ground.

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Coco x


Summer’s end is here and if I had to describe my wardrobe from day tonight, I would pretty much use one word! ‘Basic!’

What started off as hesitation to do the winter to summer wardrobe overhaul turned out to be the mood of the season. I noticed this  is actually ‘a thing I am going through’ when I had no maxi dress in sight by the end of July (seeing as how my maxis are always at the top of my clean and dirty piles every summer).

My ‘thing’ was confirmed when I walked through New Look recently and could not relate to all the summer trends of criss-cross back dresses and big ruffle tops. I felt tired just looking at these busy and flamboyant styles. Granted I have never been one for trends, but prints get me every single time! However not the summer of 2017.

I seem to continue matching my basics from my wardrobe for both days out and evenings out.  Quite refreshing actually, this minimalist phase.

Here’s what I have learned about the basics, ‘your always ready’.



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