Summer’s end is here and if I had to describe my wardrobe from day tonight, I would pretty much use one word! ‘Basic!’

What started off as hesitation to do the winter to summer wardrobe overhaul turned out to be the mood of the season. I noticed this  is actually ‘a thing I am going through’ when I had no maxi dress in sight by the end of July (seeing as how my maxis are always at the top of my clean and dirty piles every summer).

My ‘thing’ was confirmed when I walked through New Look recently and could not relate to all the summer trends of criss-cross back dresses and big ruffle tops. I felt tired just looking at these busy and flamboyant styles. Granted I have never been one for trends, but prints get me every single time! However not the summer of 2017.

I seem to continue matching my basics from my wardrobe for both days out and evenings out.  Quite refreshing actually, this minimalist phase.

Here’s what I have learned about the basics, ‘your always ready’.



Get ready with me on YouTube!





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