What to do with those reoccurring New Year Experiences

Happy New Year! That bright eyed and bushy tailed greeting is here.

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New Year seems like one big eraser…..

Easier said than done right? New Year seems like one ‘big eraser’ but a few things seem to reoccur that the ‘big eraser’ just does not seem to deal with. Here’s a few;

  • Numbers you don’t recognise sending you really lifting new years messages. It’s too touchy at this time of the year for that, ‘who is this?!’ message, so should you go with the flow? No, be honest; hit them with that three word text. (Hope it’s not too late into your exchange, good luck!)
  • You cannot resist placing your two feet on a weighing scale. Lo and behold, the Christmas turkey and its accomplices took no prisoners. Good news is you’re on the right side of the year; everyone’s just kicking into gear, so you can too, on that healthy eating plan.
  • You check you bank balance and …gasp! Didn’t realise they were that many nights out, that many presents. Look back at the good times. Let them bring you joy and comfort as you keep your couch and telly company over the next few weeks.
  • All those new year resolutions going around and you are staring at a blank sheet. Yes, there is an undeniable surge of positivity this time of the year. Some love it, some hate it. I say if you can’t beat them, then join them baby! A little extra sunshine this time of the year won’t hurt. You only need one resolution to be part of the club, you can’t be that accomplished not to have one.

I recognize each one of these is a reflection on finance, relationships, self image and personal development, all of which can get really overwhelming, so personally, my most calming remedy dealing with the New Year, is reclining on a sofa with a cup of tea and praying. Try it this year. God will do for your inner being what several resolutions won’t for your outer being.

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.





  1. I agree…..this year am letting go of all the plans I have for me. I know my #God has even bigger plans for me.

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