There’s nothing worse than a heat wave catching you off guard! I got caught out last week when I went out in the middle of the day in a two layers. Trust me, my body ‘shed tears’. Not only that, it looked like all the girls were ready for a heat weave, except me. It’s not that I didn’t feel the weather change, its just that  I haven’t  mastered the time to switch the entire surface of my wardrobe. It will take me a while to dig up the summer dresses, the ballet flats, etc. Not only that, am also used to wearing a sweater on my way out every morning without thinking! So the winter clothing attachment is real for your girl! Lol.

Lastly everyone knows the UK weather is more temperamental, than a woman at that time of the month! So you can’t blame the few locals who for continue to layer well into the end of spring.  We might just give you that, ‘you should have known better’ look when the rain suddenly comes pouring down on you and your flip flops. I dish out a few of these looks myself.

For those of us caught up in this weather matrix, its good to know wardrobe basics make fantastic transitional pieces! While you wait on the opportune moment to do the clothing switch, your wardrobe basics can make for a casual day out look.

  • Most girls will probably have a colorful vest that they wear when the work clothes come off or a white vest or tee they would wear underneath a work blouse.
  • Most girls have a pair of skinny jeans.
  • Sneakers and bomber jackets are a constant no matter the weather.

These will do! Your particular wardrobe basics may not be this summers trend, but your basics are your basics, no matter the weather. Work them!








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