This is probably one of the biggest debates out there. Whether you are Christian or atheist, at some point in your life, you will have to decide whether you believe the account of events in the bible.

To be honest for some of us the uncovering of this word will be an ongoing event, for some through study, others through experience, preferably both. In other wards choosing which side of the fence you stand may not be an instantaneous thing for all. I know Christians who choose which part they want to believe such as, ‘God is love’ and ignore which part they find hard to believe, ‘Judgement Day’.  I know atheists who appropriate certain parts of the bible that suit a particular day to day subject such as millionaires who swear by the 10% tithe concept from the bible.

I don’t think this debate is going away soon. I think it’s yet to reach its peak, as the world continues to unravel and people continue to search for meaning and direction.

In the most recent weeks, it certainly has taken centre stage in my life under two different contexts. On one occasion, during a discussion regarding some of my most recent life choices with family members, and on another occasion, regarding atrocities, such as slavery and terrorism.

I believe the bible! Usually, I’ll reference a historical event, a prayer answered or something or the other to explain my beliefs but on this occasion, I found something so simple, so every day. I was watching my currently favourite motivational speaker Simon Sinek on Youtube, and he was sharing about the things that naturally trigger happiness such as hormones.  When a person commits an act of kindness/love such as giving, the giver, receiver and the witnesses experience a life giving phenomenon. Their bodies release oxytocin which is referred to as one of the’happy hormones’. oxytocin helps reduce risk of diabetes, heart conditions, helps your emotional and mental state etc, all this goodness. Haha.

Do you know who else said that before science caught on? Jesus Christ. We know He said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’. We also know He also said, His words are ‘spirit and life’, meaning there is an element of their blessing which is not optical and that they are life giving, such as this oxytocin phenomenon. If one was to make giving their lifestyle, then this would be an ongoing thing in their body, proving his words on a biological level.  Being the son of God , through whom all things where created, Christ words are letting us in on something so multi-layered and multi dimensions and I believe He offers a life of discovery not just a blind, ‘Hit the follow button’, much like my random light bulb moment.  He may as well have said, ‘Guys giving is good for your mind and body.’

According to Christ, whatever you give is guaranteed to come back to you in multiple measures. Kindness, time, love, a listening ear, money, etc. Sounds like Christ has the inside scoop.


I get excited when I find these little testimonies in creation. Indeed all creation testifies…

Thanks for reading guys. Share your thoughts and experiences on today’s medley and check out my new Youtube channel for more!

Coco x


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