‘I started out my  journey yesterday, crawling, today my footsteps are sure, every day I swim against a current, tomorrow I intend to fly’ –  Joanita Coco

And so it has been with my natural hair journey.

Breaking self perception barriers as well worldly beauty barriers, consciously re-defining myself and pressing all the way to five years. I made it to five years natural and its amazing how something as seemingly small as hair can change your whole outlook on things. I have come to realise that hair is such a big thing that if anyone ever tells you, ‘It’s just hair’, point them to the annual billion dollar expenditure that goes towards black women’s hair in the US alone.  Whichever side of the fence you stand, the universal deduction is, numbers don’t lie. So it’s not just ‘hair’, its ‘HAIR!’ and its definitely worth the conversation.

While these kinds of monetary numbers talk, there’s nothing that speaks louder than one’s own personal experience, and today on my newly formed YouTube channel, I begin a variety of videos sharing and encouraging dialogue about life outside weave and relaxed hair.

Please subscribe and more importantly share your experience.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by the blog guys.

Coco. xx



    • Hi twin, thanks for the compliment and subscribing, looking forward to more natural hair chats with you.

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