I barely made it, but I was on time!
Some things never change…
A day later and I may have had a completely different destiny.
No memory of what it was like inside my mother’s womb.
I only know it was too small a place for my dreams and not dark enough for my bright light..
My voice would never be heard!
It was only right for my beginnings.
Fitting for my ambitions as a baby! I know I had ambition, otherwise I wouldn’t have left…
Although since I got there, I haven’t really asked too much out of life, only everything that I was promised as an inheritance. Reasonable!
A considerable amount, but reasonable.
I started my journey yesterday by crawling, today my footsteps are sure, every day I swim against a current, tomorrow I intend to fly..
How high? I don’t know.
But there’s something about flight, especially the way the eagle does it!
I imagine what my feathery wings on my dark skin would look like..
I would like an array of colours, much like a peacock.
I would not like to look like a dove, nor a swan.
The colourful feathers of a peacock and the flight of an eagle.
Wouldn’t that be something!
A sight for the skies….
Somewhere up there, with a view only the eagle can attain, dreams and convictions meet.
Don’t they make a beautiful couple…
Just when I think the eagle has it made, I remember there’s more to this world than blue skies.
How about the clear waters and rugged terrain?
Perhaps my footsteps and daily upstream struggles aren’t so bad after all…
Rather a womb than a shell, that’s for sure.
But still I must learn to fly….



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