What does self prioritisation look like?

As I continue to reflect on what self prioritising looks like, am actually surprised how wide it spans. It’s easy to think it means being selfish or being less gracious (which it doesn’t) and we can easily conclude that it’s not always going to be possible to reflect on every single circumstance. We may need to act and think later. Yes, there are times when you may have to take a back seat for a minute or two, or buckle down to meet goals or just make yourself available to a friend who needs you, after-all, this is life, things don’t always pan out as ideally as we plan, and we are made to adjust, or as I like to think, expand!

The more I went through my days most recently, the more I realised what other forms self prioritsation can take.

Sometimes self prioritisation means looking at the big picture and making sure your not getting lost in a moment or a temporary situation, and not letting circumstance define you.

Sometimes self prioritisation means forgiving some one even though, they may not recognise the hurt or pain they have caused because you realise guarding your heart and spirit is more important that holding a grudge or pursuing the issue. It can mean rising above or stepping away from potential or reoccurring conflicts in relationships.

Sometimes self prioritisation means self reflecting  and recognising the gifts you have in you and what you have to offer, rather than waiting for someone to fill the gap, or create an opportunity for you. It means looking at what you have within you first before looking outside. It mean you making the first step.

Sometimes it means being really honest with oneself and acting accordingly. Would you rather pay off a bit more debt or bow to the pressure of planning a holiday this year because all the girls are going and its been in the pipeline a while? Is momentary leisure causing a long time detriment? What does shedding excess weight really mean? Does it mean less eating out and less alcohol? What does starting a career mean? Does it mean continuing on in a dead-end job, or pursuing a qualification or side business on the side?

Sometimes self prioritising means growing your attitudes and character. Can you be kinder, more loving, more encouraging. Reflecting on why you said what you said to someone and did what you did to another. Why do you react the way you do?

Sometimes self prioritisation means examining your circles. Do you still fit? Looking at your running mates, do you still have the same things in common? Have you outgrown them, are they ahead of you? Does this encourage or inspire you? Who are they becoming? The truth is sometimes we outgrow people and circles, or grow apart because our life experiences are ultimately different, and this shapes our outlook and direction in life. It’s not always the case that a fallout or an argument is the cause of a separation, and it’s not always the case that similar experiences make the best of friends.

Ultimately self prioritisation is going to look different at different parts of our lives. I think that as long as one is committed to physical, mental/emotional and spiritual growth, it becomes a natural consciousness, a second nature of always aimimg to be and do better.

Thanks for reading my two part series! Please comment, and share if you can relate.

Keep pursuing a better you! ~Coco



  1. Great read Coco! Love the pint about how this looks different and different stages of life. Thanks for sharing x

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