The Good, the Bag and the Ugly

They are always a good idea until you feel an ugly ache on your shoulder when you are standing on an overcrowded bus. Then you realize your big black hand bag is stuffed with half the contents from your dressing mirror and two books from your bookshelf, that you promised yourself you would read on that overcrowded rush hour bus.  In my case, some gym attire will usually get shoved in there, just before I dash out, regardless of whether I will make it to the gym or not. Something about this bag always screams, ‘There is room for more!’ and don’t we all just love the possibilities the day brings, a cardio session here, a quiet coffee there and if you live in Scotland, a scamper through the rain.

photo (1)

My particular find is from Zara and was given to me by a dear departing friend. It is one of four that I mix and match. Why do I stick to black shopper? Versatility, darling! In a fashion environment where trends are a variable, I like to have one constant.  Think of all those summer print maxi dresses, festivals and winter coloured coats and darks scarves that will keep changing.  Am sure your will agree, ‘She’ is a must have!



  1. Welcome back love! Yes she is a must have and a must have that I really need in my closet ASAP. Can’t believe I have not yet owned one.

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