6 random facts about my mother and my childhood

Ok, so here is my little version of events;

– Just before I started nursery school, my mum allowed me to try on a pair of pink shoes every night (well almost every night). ‘Maybe they will fit me today’ campaign. I was about three and a half years old, the youngest of my siblings and could not wait to see where it was that they went with their back packs and shiny black polished shoes. Only in this case mine where pink! Sweet mother and an even sweeter memory.

-She helped me discover that I was not and may never be a morning person. My mother always woke me up by saying, ‘Five minutes!’ Then a few minutes later again, ‘Five minutes!’ Not much has changed, except the role being switched over to a trusty snooze button on my iphone.

-I must have slept in my mum’s bed until I was almost six years! Well may be seven, or eight. The exact age eludes me. And I later returned in my early teens until I was finally evicted. This whole memory sort of flaws my concept of being a daddy’s girl. Haha, my mum and I took attachment parenting to new heights!

– When my younger sister was born, because we constantly had milk in the house, she tried to make me drink a glass of milk every night. See, I was skin and bone as a child and I never used to like eating. What happened to that Jojo, huh? Needless to say she failed, but lucky for her I went on to discover an inner zest for chips.

– She forcefully cut my hair when I was ten years old. I was heartbroken, betrayed if you will! A ten year old’s hair is her very own pride and joy and you don’t just do that sort of thing to one. I didn’t speak to her for a while after that. I don’t even remember why she did that. I might have to phone her up and ask her actually.

– I used to arrange her dressing mirror, handbags and shoes every other day. The shoe and handbag arrangement she loved, but the disarrangement of her perfumes, lotions and powders, she frowned upon. However what I had to offer her, as her wardrobe stylist, was a package deal, and that dressing mirror was part of the package. Only I was not offering terms and conditions at that age! I can’t imagine why.

photo (9)

Mum and ‘small queen’ aka Jojo

She went on to nickname  me ‘small queen’ because I was reluctant to help out around the house. After a title like that, why would I? Ah, my mother and I, I could write all night you know. She did great. However my cup of tea is done and my post is due tonight! Fun little stroll down memory lane! Do you have any fond childhood memories?

‘Of all the gifts life has to offer, a loving mother is the greatest of them all’



  1. I have been inspired .
    I found myself in memory lane about my own mother…Mothers are like those little stars that never go away no matter what.

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