5 adages from my natural hair journey

If you’re contemplating going natural, just done your big chop, transitioning, or even frustrated with your natural hair journey, this one’s for you.

5 adages

You will get there. ‘There’ is not a specific length. ‘There’ is when you finally accept your texture and coil for what it does and doesn’t do. ‘There’ is when you finally touch your kinky hair and realize, ‘this is me’!

You don’t need all those lotions and potions you will go on to accumulate. I bought two tubs of gel just because! Eco styler gel, another by Dark and Lovely and I never use them. I hate that ‘laid edges/ baby hair look’. I recently had to throw away shea butter, a full bottle of tea tree oil and argan oil just to reduce on the volume of products and the elimination process continues.  I now stick to coconut oil, jojoba oil and castor oil plus the Shea Moisture brand leave in conditioner! Simple!

Think about your protective styling a bit more. Really look into it. Are you protective styling or ‘detriment styling’? The main cause of my shading was because I used to braid my hair 3 times a year for 2 months at a time. So I couldn’t really care for my natural hair properly and I didn’t know what products actually worked on my natural hair. Plus there’s no point in retaining length along with thinning hair and a receding hairline! I pretty much twist and tuck my own hair now, as a protective style all year round. It’s working better.

Do not deal with your hair when your tired or impatient. I learned this one recently. Eight weeks after a proud moment of neatly braiding myself, I started to take them out, because I was detangling  so hurriedly, I ripped out a palm full of hair before I was even quarter way! Yes two months of braids made me forget detangling should be the most gentle stage of hair care!

Well done on taking the leap on self styling your natural hair. It does not always look neat or feel convenient, but you covered the foundation on hair health, length and personal perception of beauty. You can genuinely say and show that you know a part of yourself much better and you are officially hair independent.

‘A black woman without her kinks is like leopard without its spots’ ~ Anonymous



  1. This…I needed !
    Thanks for sharing sis
    Doing my final tips chop this month.
    Wooot woooot

  2. Woow thanks for sharing I really needed this. I am so impatient with my hair and especially as I haven’t found what product really works for me I get frustrated sometimes and just leave the hair to itself.

    • Awww, I can totally relate! Even after having achieved length, I still get frustrated with my hair sometimes, at that point I just do like you do, leave the hair to itself! 🙂

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