5 savvy ways to maintain your weight over the Christmas Holidays

Tis the season to be jolly and food plays a big part of it.  Temptation will find you, whether you’re innocently shopping in the healthy foods isle or wondering what’s on your Christmas day menu (besides the turkey of course).


Who can deny the choices around this time of the year are plenteous and hefty on the calorie side! So forget healthier eating, let’s try wiser eating! If you’re like me, you will undoubtedly spend your holiday trying to create a win-win via food and weight. Here are a few tips to aid you.

-Portions, portions, portions. I can’t say this enough. It would be too cruel to deny oneself of the vast array of Christmas treats.  Instead of fighting the urge, manage the urge.  Eating smaller portions is more manageable than going without. Using smaller plates and shorter glasses can aid with this.

-Go for healthier seconds. Say you went all out on choice for your first serving, if you must have a second helping, go for the healthier options at the table. The same applies for drinks.  A glass of cider can be followed by water.

-Spread out or even substitute the courses! Try having what would have been dessert at tea instead. If you’re entertaining, have a bite size or spoonful of dessert and place the full dessert portion in one of your meal plans the following day.

-Eat light in preparation  for nights out.  Your diary will probably be riddled with Christmas dinners and nights out. So you can definitely put some thought into your day.  Eat more fibre based food during the day and leave room for that event.

– Hit the dance floor! Everybody knows dancing is a form of cardio. It only makes sense to boost your cardio if you’re going to boost your calorie intake. Do not be the one standing/seating in the corner next to the snacks after a big dinner. When the music starts to play, bust a move!

At the end of the day, we all want to let our hair down without that ‘post meal guilt’. Remember it’s not about eating more or denying yourself, it’s about substitution and re-arranging.

Happy Holidays!



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