My generation and I


My generation and I..

30th April. It’s my birthday. My mother told me today, that I was born on a Saturday at around 10pm. So Saturday 30th April at around 10pm, I came out into this generation…I never knew that. She had never told me. Why today, on this particularly reflective ‘anniversaire’?


There are instances where I have thought (about people in this generation or their circumstances), ‘come on your stronger than this’ or ‘your wiser than this’, or ‘you know better’ when actually, there’s no formula for dealing. People don’t open up a box and pick torment, or loneliness or sadness. Inner turmoil is the biggest battle in this generation. I dare say it’s pretty close or even worse than poverty!  A person mentally and emotionally broken down is the truly handicapped, for that moment. ‘…but a wounded spirit who can bear.’ – Proverbs 18:14


I wonder why this generation is so obsessed with nakedness. All the celebrities perform half naked for adoring fans and the latest fashions are so tight, or see through or low cut. What are we so desperate to show? Why are we so giving to people who hardly care, all this for a moment’s validation?

I schedule sleep and I like laughing on my own, but I don’t feel comfortable telling people these things. They are characteristics of a lazy and reclusive person. Imagine saying that during a job interview. Yet, in my previous job, I got a certificate of attendance. They only handed those out if you had been present at least 95% of the time over a 12 month period, I was 100%. In addition to that, a manager once asked me, why is it I to would talk to anyone. Well you know, I wonder the same thing, as often, I would rather solitude than company. Let’s give everyone a chance.

All these books and blogs we read on how to better ourselves or make business work. How to be more confident, success biographies, beating ourselves up, trying to replicate another’s success, trying to trace their exact footsteps, as though that’s the way to climb a mountain, frustrated with our own journeys. What if the truth is that life has a different success code for us all? But it’s better to try and I hope your bookshelf is healthy. I certainly love a good book.

Why is it people are always late to their own surprise parties?! I really detest those by the way. Am sure the answer is tied between the fact that we have to be early to be on time and the ‘suprisee’ doesn’t not know we are waiting on them, but I have been to enough in the last two years to decide, ‘Dears friends I am not your surprise party inivitee..’ I have resolved the only type of party to be late to is a surprise party. Unless you’re a bride, am not happy to wait on you. ‘Chile, bye!’

Am I a people person or not? I noticed my father is exactly the same. Why do I feel the need to choose? Why can’t I just be! Caught up in the middle, so we are,  me and papi. So wonderfully complex.

Lately, success does not look like a masters or a PHD, success looks like ‘the end, (which is money), justifies the means.’ Just get yourself an instagram account, you’ll see what am talking about. Forget the foundations that will hold you together later on and the journey that makes the legacy. Just get you some money and this generation doesn’t care, they are going to prop you up. You better get your definition of success right if your going to make it through this generation!

I have been learning French for the last 13 years. I actually enjoy photography and I am drawn to clothes hanging on a rack, and not stacked in a pile. Its easier to spot detail. I hate cooking, people who say they find cooking relaxing (as many as there may be), are from their own planet.

I chat with my family daily at no extra cost, on ‘whatsapp’. To live abroad in this generation is easier than it ever was. Every measurement of distance has been shortened in this generation. My generation, what great minds! I have such an appreciation for you.

My generation is hungry but mostly in a hurry! This is the generation of redefinition. I think our eyes are shut to impact and foresight. This generation has the ability to convince one that blue is red for the moment. It’s a tough time to stick to your own opinions. Sometimes we are proud of what our era has contributed, other times we weep because of the things we have seen in this generation. #PrayForParis #PrayForNigeria. Pray for this generation.

Forget the soap opera; forget the block busters, we all just want to see how people are truly living. ‘L’ epoque de ‘Reality television’ et de ‘Youtube”. What are we looking into other’s lives for? If it’s just for entertainment, why are we so mad when they get plastic surgery, when they divorce after 72 days, or declare infidelity or spend a lot of money on nothing?! Why can’t we just be entertained? Guilty!

I have really come to respect and admire my parents these last few years. Great job you guys. Who knew while growing up, that we actually needed the shelter and security our parents gave us. Love you guys!

This is the generation of Superman vs Batman. Haha. Did you ever think…?

I think my favorite movie in the last few years has to be, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, although I will pretty much find humor in any  movie. Except horrors!  I cant imagine why anyone would subject their spirit to that. My favorite childhood song has to be ‘Micko’ by Koffi Olomide, which reminds me, I really ought to have it translated as its in another African dialect.

This is the generation of opportunity. In this generation anything is possible. You can easily feel left out or included.

Just like every other generation, this generation is right on schedule and on a tight schedule. Wars and victories, crisis,  laughter, pain, joy, life and death are all right on time. They came with the generation, to pass and to usher in and out..

This generation is special..

I am special..

We continue to shape each other, my generation and I..

In the grand scheme of God, this generation was very much expected, like I was, and is right on time, just as  I am….

‘Bon Anniversaire Coco. May you really live and continue  to learn’


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