5 reasons God is reachable

The Bible tells of a people who tried to reach God. They started  to build a tower and worked so hard at it, in the hope that they would actually physically reach God. The way that turned out was rather interesting, a post for another day.

reachable god

We can’t see Him with our physical eyes, so that brings about the whole debate about whether God exists. The builders of that tower knew He existed they just didn’t know how to reach Him. Today, we are building different kinds of towers. If He does exist, He is not interested in me and is unreachable and untouchable. What do I have to offer Him? Why would I ever need Him?  All these notions and questions keeping the hungry soul and a waiting God apart!

Above all, God is love. Love will always act in my best interest, that really is the start and end point of the argument for me regarding whether I should reach out to God or not. But that’s not all there is to it. So I gathered a few ‘not so heavy reasonings’ based on the bible, that keep me reaching out to God. Perhaps they will help you paint a picture of God next time one of these questions comes to mind.

-God has character. He is described as dependable, faithful and loving and giving. So it’s not like you won’t really know what to expect when you let Him in. You will know!

– God has emotions. The Bible says He laughs! He is described as ‘slow to anger’. He was angry when He saw the Israelites bowing to idols after He had revealed himself to them. The bible talks about Him rejoicing over his people and being pleased with Abraham.

-God is approachable. The Bible described him as Holy but wholly approachable. In fact the bible paints a picture of him constantly trying to get our attention. It talks about Him reaching out all day towards His people.

-God knows. This is such a source of comfort! And because God knows, then He knows best.  Certain things happen and I think, ‘who can I tell?’, ‘what can I do?’, ‘ why is such a person like this?’, and most commonly, ‘why?’ I think this is probably the hardest one because we are molded by society to believe in quick gratuities.

-God is the absolute strategist/ mastermind.  Sometimes He lays it out clearly, but sometimes its foggy as He leads us through the maze. He sent Christ to die and then raised Him up from the dead so that whoever believes in Him will have everlasting life. There’s the strategy for eternal life plainly laid out. But then on the other hand there’s Joseph, who got led through a maze. He was sold into slavery and found himself in Egypt, then in jail, and then at the right hand of the Egyptian ruler at that time. Am sure Joseph had a moment where he thought he needed a plan. Well instead, He was led through the maze of God’s strategy. Later in his life when he had achieved his purpose and come face to face with his brothers who sold him,  he mercifully told them, ‘You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.’

From how He has revealed Himself, He clearly is not some stone wall or fire breathing entity. He has allowed for us to see these many depths to Him to allow us to act on it, and as long as you as you are breathing, its never to late to reach out to God. The best part is that He is reaching right back. Try to imagine big fatherly arms stretched out,….you can go from there.

‘Some things are hidden. They belong to the Lord, God. But the things that have been revealed in these teachings belong to us and to our children forever. ~ Deuteronomy 29:29



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