Suits : On The Contrary…

Suits are sharp, clean cut, dapper and my least favourite…official.  On the contrary, suits can be made to suit you! They can be fresh, fun and funky.



FullSizeRender (4)

Styled with sneaks…..


Styled with bright pumps…..


Styled with tshirts…



Worn in a baggy fit with ballet flats……

FullSizeRender (3)


Accessorized with a beanie and shades…..



….giving ‘tailor made suits’ a new meaning with tailor made style.



  1. Coco…I’m waiting for the piece on ties, bowties and suspenders; Janelle Moane style you know!

    • Thanks for subscribing Big Rosso! I got you, I have just the right post for you coming up soon. x

  2. Love this. Do you mind sharing possible shops that tall people could look to for a good suit? Or should we stick to finding a good tailor? The struggle is real.

    • Haha Cyndi, I can so relate. Even jeans are a challenge for me. Most of the times I approach a sale rack there’s nothing for us tall girls. So with the trousers I think we need those tailor skills to either lengthen or cut to make them look less awkward. x

    • UK-wise. Zara have great lengths for tall girl. New look and topshop also have a range for ‘tall’ x

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