Sewing into My Goals

It’s the last lap y’all, and yet am talking beginning. But to finish, I need to begin. At the end of November an inner timer just set off. Its not that am not a time conscious individual, it’s just that I get busy adding to the things around me and not me! Everything I set out to do is summed up in one category, that is Fitness, and three sub categories categories; physical, spiritual, and mental fitness.

Now am not one to brag, but  at 3 or 4 sessions a week I have clocked some serious miles in the gym and the people I surround myself with pretty much ensure a constant push in the Christ direction so that’s been on a steady pace too. So those physical spiritual boxed are ticked!  🙂

Now on the mental, personal skills level…I dunno! I set out to study french and build my ‘fashion skills’ but the pace has been as the French say, ‘comme ci, comme ca’, with a lot of distractions along the way! And now, with two weeks to finish I must begin consistently. So in a bid to shake things up before year end, I have upgraded my study tools and actually scheduled some study time in my diary! Yes, beat off social plans with a stick and buckle down. Even at two sewing and pattern cutting sessions a week, before year end, I can safely say, ‘Voila! C’est fini!’

photo (7)

For the homecrafts/ fashion lovers both Hobby Crafts and Amazon are doing a reduced price on the Brother LS14 sewing machine and this sewing book, both of which are great for beginners and professionals alike.

Let’s all great cracking!



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