Exploring the history of our crown..

In order to know where were going, we have to understand where we have been. So where have we been? How did we arrive at this point from which we tend to launch forward (if especially, we intend to launch forward)? What shaped our minds, our thoughts and conclusions? Who derived these standards, have they always been the standard? I think these are interesting questions. We think we arrived at our current stance by our preferences, characters and other ‘self pointing’ notions. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure; history continues to play a major role in and around us! Is it then ‘history’, if it’s a present hour reality?  Our today is shaped by someone’s thoughts and actions hundreds and hundreds of years ago. This is not new; we probably know this, but just the thought of it, is fascinating!  So many questions one could ask, but perhaps the most relevant ones today are:

  • What were previous intentions and motives of these influencers?
  • Do we care?
  • Does it mean anything to us?
  • Is history a past influencer or a present day puppeteer?

Today on ‘Natural Hair Chronicles’, let’s move forward by taking a look back. I think this video put together by Chime Edwards is quite inspiring. Take a look.

‘Remove the kinks from you mind, not your hair’ ~ Marcus Garvey


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