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Most of us knew her as the bombshell who starred along side the late Paul walker in the movie ‘Into the Blue’ , but today Jessica Alba is reintroducing herself as the Founder of a company recently valued at a staggering $1 billion,The Honest Company.

Alba’s brain child, that churns non-toxic products for children, has been on the up and up since its launch in 2012, boasting a variety of baby products and she shows no signs of stopping already preparing to cater to the feminine care market!

The female entrepreneur says the idea came to her when she was pregnant with her first child and grew concerns about the baby products on the market and what materials they were made of.

She is clearly on a different kind of radar, with a different agenda all together from her Hollywood star days, as she over sees various products developments and a number of staff.

What is particularly inspiring about this story, is she was not paid to lend her name to another brand. On the contrary, she had a concept, noticed a gap in the market and got to work on it, and consequently, three to four years later she is seated comfortably on the cover of Forbes. Not bad, eh!

The 34 year old mother-of-two proves its never too late to get started, plus fame and fortunate are not the end of creativity or  accomplishments.

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‘Procrastination is the enemy of progress’


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