4 easy tweaks to jazz up your fitness

It’s a mad rush for that summer body! At least four of my friends are trying out different work programs and eating plans in a bid to shape up for the sunnier days.

I myself, have intensified my workouts, especially on the miles. I run! Am running today and I will probably be running tomorrow. It’s just my current training plan. I hit the 5K goal, and I am now working on doing it faster?image

Despite a steady workout program truth is, it can get boring. Here is how am jazzing up my workouts;

1. Suprise your body. My ‘GFF ( Gym Fitness Fanatic) ‘ friend and former body builder taught me that every session should be a surprise attack on the body. This information actually keeps me on the lookout for new workout regimes. It makes workouts exciting, intentional, planned and thought out. Hence currently between two sessions of 5K marathon Interval training, I do some skipping based workouts or work with weights. Keep mixing it up.
2. Get some jazzy workout gear. It does not have to be pricy. It can be some bright coloured tops to match the summer season or printed leggings. You’ll be surprised how different you will feel. I recently got some brighter tops and much needed sneakers and quite honestly they do help the feeling of starting a workout in a way I can’t explain.
3. Have a home based back up. This is for the gym fanatics like me. I ‘guilt trip’ when I don’t hit four sessions every week. There are days when you simply will not make it in, to meet your targeted sessions. In my case, sometimes I have not eaten right all day, and I do not do well eating within less than two hours before a session, or a friend meet up fills the gym slot. This happens often, so I have two home based ‘go to’ workouts, Billy Blanks’s Tae Bo, and Shaun T’s 21 minute ‘Fast and Furious’ workout. I am currently looking for a stretch workout to add to my home based workouts. If you know any good ones, please let me know.
4. Follow a few workout inspirations on social media! Yes, I stopped writing down my workout goals somewhere where I don’t see them daily and am now letting social media do the motivating. I follow four inspiring female trainers and two guys and I must say, one update on the news feed on how their push and progress is going, always leaves me motivated. Every now and again when I hit my timeline I find an update on a fitness journey. This keeps me motivated and striving for progress. Also gives me some fresh workout ideas.

All that said, don’t let the sun and it’s warm temperatures pressure you. Its never too late! Longer days and shorter nights only mean you have more time to work out , in case you could not run during the short winter days  😛

‘Tomorrow is the only day that appeals to a lazy man.’


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