Signs of A Seventies Summer

Sun is shining, style is changing, summer is here! Well it is, for those of us who can’t wait any longer for Spring to be over!

What are those summer staples you can’t wait to break out? What items are literally hanging at the edge of your wardrobe? Any new purchases you can’t wait to mix n’ match ? Any summer recycles you can’t get enough  of?

For fashion lovers, those are not hard questions to answer.  A summer wardrobe is to be favoured above all other seasonal  wardrobes. Colours, prints, silhouettes, accessories, so much and yet so little time, so let’s get to it dolls!




I have to say one of my most favourite summer clothing articles, third only to a jumpsuit and a shift dress, has to be palazzo pants! So freeing, so ‘flowy’, I just can’t get enough of them. Yes, I am that ’70’s fashion’ child.

‘Time to usher the winter out, and let the summer styling games begin’. ~ J Coco




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