‘Christianity, the world and your personal views interrupted 101’

These are very interesting times to live in. The world is trying to move towards a balance, an equilibrium of sorts. A balance in views, a balance in spending, relationship, etc. Have you noticed that? ‘Balance is best’. So what is balance? The general consensus on ‘balance’ is what is really interesting about these times. It looks a lot like;

  • Let everyone do what makes them happy, as long as they don’t hurt anyone.
  • Everyone ought to agree with the majority, and the minority is wrong.
  • Love is when you agree and support every decision I make.

That’s just mentioning a few. Everyone is generally fighting to be heard and accepted for their personal beliefs, and if their belief falls with the majority, all the better for them. What do you think blogging and social media is about?! Because of an ever changing world, and its views, boundaries are being redefined and society is being reshaped every day, right before our eyes. Slowly we are starting to think, look and act the same. Can you believe it? Over 7 billion people on this green earth, and we are all moving towards one ‘acceptable’ image, view, and stance. Less options/choices are being put on table, and the right of choice is being exercised less and less, and everyone seems to be going with the flow, which in itself is a choice, a passive choice, but a choice, none the less. The acceptable standard is being set by ‘someone’ and the entire world is headed somewhere!

Where does that leave this race called Christians? Why are they swimming against the current most times? I get asked so many questions, relating current affairs to God, by people who are not Christians, and I welcome them all with interest. What the world is really asking us is, ‘IS CHRIST CURRENT ENOUGH TO FOLLOW?’


From Hillsong’s latest album. Based on biblical verse, ‘For there is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved’

Besides the fact that He lives out of time, Christians would be lying to the world, if we said we don’t feel the pressure sometimes, because God’s word pretty much covers all aspects of life, and the world’ views are becoming more and more contradictory to it, so the world keeps trying to bring us back to a crossroad we have already passed. The answer is summarised in one sentence. ‘God’s mind is already made up, and a Christian is a follower’. The bible can’t be rewritten and the events can’t be undone, we are not called to debate or revisit God’s ways. We are called to follow, with the help of His Spirit. The good news is we have proved ‘the follow’ to be in our favour. In response, the world’s best argument against ‘the follow’ is unbelief. ‘The Bible is untrue, He can’t be son of God’. This is part of how the bible calls it for ‘the follow’;

  • The Christian walk is about adjusting ourselves to the God’s view and not adjusting God’s view, to fit ourselves. Come as you are, but let God change you, your mindset, your pursuits, you attitudes, etc
  • A Christian is someone who follows Christ, His teaching and His commission, believes He is the crucified son of God and the first and last authority in existence.
  • A Christian believes they are accountable to God, above all else, and that He has not called us to fulfill anything He can’t help us fulfill. Basically, if He is asking us to do it, He has availed a way for it to be done.
  • A Christian abides by God’s definitions. For example ‘love’, encompasses not only His forgiveness but correction and teaching. His ways do not always agree with our emotions or personal views, neither does He change his mind with the times.
  • A Christian puts his hand ups and realises, ‘I can not do life on my own, and I need help from God’. Earth is not the easiest maze to get through, and human nature is the most unreliable factor in most equations, we constantly fail ourselves and the ones we love. This is what the Christian walk is about, leaning on God to help us navigate each other and life’s challenges.
  • A Christian says, ‘there are many ways of life in this world concerning politics, money, love, sex, etc, including my own view, which are difficult to lay aside, but I cling to God’s way’.
  • Christians are not perfect, indeed we fall short many times in various ways, but we have come to rely on God. I think it’s important to say; to become a Christian is to admit we don’t have all the answers. We are looking to God through His Spirit and word, to meet us when our understanding cannot go further.
  • A Christian is called to love his/her neighbour despite our differences. If they in lack, we are called to be the outstretched loving hands of God, just as God loves us. God may not agree with the chosen paths or acts, but He loves His creation, the souls He made, and part of His love, is correction. We have been called to love, without grudge.

In a nutshell, a Christian is Christ’s very own ambassador here on earth. He is asking us to handle life the way He did, and foretold of this present age, when we would be taken out of the majority categories of the world’s ever changing views. God can’t adjust His principles. Adapting to different principles is to ‘unfollow’, which based on the definition of a Christian being a follower, means being asked to cease being a Christian.  We have committed and been commissioned to press on. Where does that leave us in the world’s ‘balanced’ view? Very interesting times…..wouldn’t you agree?

‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.’ ~ Hebrews



  1. What you are saying is true. Most chritians want the word of God to work in their favour…….compromising the biblical principles to fit their lives. We need to go back to the start….. that is Christ. # alpha and #omega

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