Current Top three street style photographers

Street style is on its way to becoming the new official red carpet.  Personally, I rarely post or blog about red carpet looks. I think they are perfect, too thought out, and once seen, that’s it. It does not inspire me further to mix and match my current flow.  What do you think? Its simply fashion and style by the rules.  Thank God the red carpet fashion is not every day; otherwise some of us would be bored stiff! Likewise what really excites me about fashion week is not the runaway, but the street style buzzing around the fashion weeks.  Have you seen some of these everyday stylish people?  I think these are the boys and girls that are pinned on most designers’ mood boards.

They don’t get a spread in Vogue. So how do we find them? Street style photography!  Street photographers seem to capture most varied of everyday individual style and fashion. We don’t know what to expect or what we are going to get through their lenses, but we are sure to get unique and edgy, not clean cut and predictable. That’s my kind of lens!  Interestingly more street style photographers are now being snapped up by the big fashion houses. It’s not hard to see why?  If you are looking for some style inspiration, put away your Vogue magazine, and take a look at my three favourite street style photographers.

1. Lee Oliveira (



2. David Nyanzi (


3. The Sartorialist (



Knowing some great street style photographers helps me keep my finger on the style pulse. Street style is fresh, funky, and its everyday people.


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