Seven simple staples every girl could use.

Girls! The ever changing creatures. I just betrayed my own kind with that statement, but its true! That’s why we are so fascinating, even to ourselves. In our teens we can’t wait to be older, in our mid twenties we can’t believe who we were in our teenage years, in our thirties we wish we looked like teens, in midlife we sometimes act like teens. Seriously, who are we? Am not that confused about me, but add us all together, am not so sure. Am not complaining either, am just saying we are a wonderfully complex breed.

Anyway, going back to the reason for the blog post, at every stage, thus far, a lot has changed about me, but a few staples (that will be different for every girl) help me navigate my complexities. I picked out six simple staples I believe every girl could use in her beehive.


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  • One special lipstick shade. Every girl needs that ‘go to’ color that does the handbag rounds. It sometimes does not match the outfit, but because it’s a favorite, it gets slapped on. It is your personal statement, your ‘signature sign off’. I love a particular shade from Rimmel called ‘bordeaux’. It’s so comfortable that I don’t even use a mirror to apply it on, and when I wear it, I feel instantly refreshed.
  • A ‘special unit’ or ‘special agent’, a team of counselors, kind of how the police have them. These are not the party friends or shopping spree buddies, they are not there to ‘keep it cute’ or sugar coat. These are the girls, sometimes guys, whose advice you can rely on and trust. I call them my ‘keep it real’ team. They may not be at all the birthday parties or even in the same city but you can rely on their counsel. They are hard to find, if a girl can find a few, she is blessed. Kings have always had them, and so should a queen!
  • At least 2 litres of water daily. It is so easy, and yet it has become a challenge, a personal goal to me. I am happily hitting the 1 litre minimum mark lately. The skin and workout sessions are happier, so am pushing to 2 litres. For a species that like to age gracefully, water is to be more treasured, and will do much more than a foundation bottle.
  • A black pair of heels. This is an absolute must have from the tomboys to the girly girls. Girls, you already know why. Black pumps are an effortless and ever faithful wardrobe staple. When will black ever be out of season? Infact, there so many more black things that ought to be staples, like a hand bag, blazer, a cocktail dress and eyeliner. You will probably have at least one of these, so I’ll just say a black something. You pick one.
  • Convictions! We Christians refer to this as ‘a word’. It’s something specific to you, about you. Some thing that you stand on unshakably. Like an athlete that believes they have it in them to at least reach the finish line, or as in some cases, to win the medal. Through rigorous training, injuries and various set backs, because of that conviction, they show up for training. It is wisely said, ‘stand for something or fall for anything’. Mine happens to be that Christ lives in me. I then build every other conviction on that. Add it all together, and purpose is birthed.
  • A good measure of contentment. This my favorite pick of my ‘3Cs’ (confidence, courage and contentment). Contentment is an interesting one. We need just the right amount. Enough to love ourselves and not envy other women, but also recognize areas in and around us that could do with improvement. I believe this is one of those on going balancing acts in life. The measure we posses dramatically affects our finance, relationships, self image, pursuits, etc.
  • Some good home remedies and treatments. Its part of that ‘2 litres of water’ category. They don’t break the bank, will do so much good and will usually be in your cupboard or fridge.  Always on hand for whatever use I need them for. Lately, I can’t do without a tub of greek yoghurt. It acts as low fat sauce for foods, a face mask, and deep conditioning hair treatment! Yes, a ‘multitasker’! I just love it.

….and kitkats, every girl needs a stash of kitkats. I hope Nestle reads this!

‘…but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit..



  1. I love this post especially the lipstick colour and black heels. I totally agree every girl needs them 🙂 Keep writing and God bless.

  2. A pair of black heels…..that I agree even me who can’t walk in heels own a pair. Just looking at them makes me happy.

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