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One of my greatest passions is working with different organisations and spreading awareness against modern slavery/human trafficking.

If there was one thing I have learned about human trafficking, it is how little society really knows about it


And unfortunately, the UK is not absent from modern slavery. In fact it is very much alive and thriving. There are different types of slavery:


What can we do?

We need to understand not only what, the different types of slavery but we also need to be aware of the possible signs:

A victim of slavery might not have personal identification on them. They might not be allowed to move around freely, or appear to be under the control of someone else.

If you suspect someone might be in slavery, there are several options to report:

  • Call Modern Slavery Helpline on 08000 121 700 (an online application form can also be completed)
  • Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

With people being aware, being involved in campaigns and knowing the facts it can truly help make a difference to those who are victims of this crime.

Please see the below link for sources and information on what is really going on with modern slavery today:

What is Human Trafficking?



Chloe x

Chloe Ados

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