Why I became a Christian (The Loves Series)

Love wins! Love will always win.

I was thirteen when I came to Christ. I was never forced into believing as a child.  Infact, neither my father nor mother ever talked to me about God. Why did I do it? Because at the tender age of thirteen, I was concerned about where I would spend eternity. That’s funny, right? I have gone on to see people turn to Christ because of pain, loneliness, sickness, addiction, etc. But that was not me, I simply came because I believed in eternity and I wanted to see heaven.

When I was a teen, I remember my father saying I would outgrow my passion for God. On the contrary, over the years I have grown to love and appreciate my decision to follow Christ even more, and I remain a Christian because of three things.

‘Love, faith and hope, and the greatest of these is love!’

His love is enduring and saves us from ourselves. He promises that they that have faith in Him will always experience salvation in time of need. And hope, ah hope, the anchor to the soul. When you know God you can’t help but hope, and hope can preserve you, in every way!

I am a Christian because anyone that comes to God can’t help but fall in love with Him, and anyone that experiences what He has to offer can’t help but fall even deeper in love with this Spirit. I love Him because He first loved me, and has called me to love others as an expression of my love for Him. Over the years His love has not been a scripture written down, it has been an action come to life. Believe me when I say God ‘s love is alive and kicking.


I came to realize Christianity is an experience, not a set of rules to fulfill; otherwise 99.9% of Christians would never make the cut. The love of God is an enigma. A maze, that we will forever walk through, and only truly ever understand a fraction.  I ponder it all the time, Christ in His holiness, perfection and mercy shows us a better way, we choose otherwise, run amok of our lives, and still He is on standby, watching, waiting, saying, ‘Come!’

The love of God has always come into question. Why is it..? What is it..? How is it..? Well, I describe it is a love that meets us where we are and calls us higher, because it’s a love that knows better, coming from the One who knows us better. It’s also a love that offers us a choice, to experience it, or not to. It’s not forceful but it’s demanding. It demands allegiance; trust and most especially love in return. Even then, I continue to search for answers in Him, so I concluded, that the love of God is ‘heart  knowledge’ not ‘sense knowledge’. But it does not leave us blindly following, the love of God is an eye opener. It shows us things we never imagined were there and draws out from the very depths of our inner being, where He deposited.

Ultimately, I think Christianity is not a label for all who know of Christ, one can carry the label but keep Him at a distance, neither is it religion passed on from generation to generation, because unlike a bloodline, Christ asks each one of us to choose Him of our own free will. “Behold, I stand at the door and I shall knock. If a man listens to my voice and will open the door, I also shall come in..’

I believe, it is a category for those who willingly and consciously EXPERIENCE the love of God day to day, through a personal relationship with Christ. I have found that without a personal relationship and experience of Christ there can be no ‘Christian’.  So my journey and experience continues…

Consider the kind of extravagant love the Father has lavished on us—He calls us children of God!’




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