Hey RM fam, and happy Monday! Hope you’re having a great start to the week, and we are almost in October!

I don’t know about you, but I had one of those mornings today where my coffee needed a coffee.

I had to watch a pep talk on Youtube on the commute to work AND repeat my worship playlist to try and kick start my energy/motivation level to get this day started!

I know a lot of people can feel the Monday blues at one point or another, especially if you have a long/busy week ahead.

I wake up super early and make my Mondays quite productive, people often ask “how do I do it”. The short answer is sleep and caffeine!

But there are other things I put in place which definitely helps me tackle a rough Monday start!

First things first – I give the start of my day to God. What does that mean? This can consist of a few things. I go in prayer, read the word/chapter of a devotional, talk to Him about things that are going on etc. For me there is no better way to start the day. Doing this helps me put things in perspective; this day is for Him and to give Him glory. As long as I keep Him the focus of the day I’ll be good and would have done good. I like this saying when it comes to spending time with God: Stay plugged into the ultimate source, and your fuel will be good for the day.



Music is good for the soul. It is amazing what music can do to lift your mood. I have a morning worship playlist which not only helps me wake up, but also helps me get my mind right to face whatever the day brings. So, I would really recommend creating a morning playlist if you don’t have one already!

Have a good breakfast. I am a foodie, and any recommendations where it involves food I am all for it. Whatever a nice breakfast is for you – go for it. It gives you something to look forward to and will also help with energy levels. My personal fave brekkie for a Monday is a croissant with fruit salad and green tea.

Have something to look forward to. It may be that really luscious latte at lunch, going to a workout class, meeting up with a friend after the office etc. This helps me stay motivated during a Monday in the office knowing I have something to look forward to, it doesn’t have to be something expensive or fancy! Mondays I have made my go to for reading and having a pumpkin latte after work! My ideal evening!

What do you do to kick start your week when your motivation levels are not at their peak? I would love to know!


Chloe x




Chloe Ados

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