Hey RM fam,

Over the past few months I have been absolutely loving podcasts; I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to get into them!

Here are a couple that I am loving that YOU should check out if you are a fellow podcast lover!

  • Convos with Cathy

Cathy Clarke oversees Hillsong London with her husband Gary Clarke. She is such a gem, and her podcasts consists of her sitting down with different people from all backgrounds and walks of life and have a transparent, honest convo about different topics. If you’re wanting to tune into a good, light hearted convo but with some gold to take out of it then I recommend checking out her podcast.


Instagram @convoswithcathy

Check out Cathy Clarke and her podcast here:

Convos With Cathy


  • Fierce Marriage with Ryan and Selena Frederick

If you are engaged or married and not heard of this podcast then do I highly highly HIGHLY recommend.

Ryan and Selena are a Christian couple who talk about ALL kinds of subjects surrounding marriage. Their podcasts are honest, open, funny, heartfelt and have really blessed me not only as a wife but when I was preparing for marriage.


They also take questions from their listeners and for those wanting their advice on a situation. They also have a YouTube channel where they have covered and chatted on a vast array of topics; their conversations have often inspired and encouraged me to have similar chats with my husband.

Check out Ryan and Selena Frederick and their podcast here:


And be sure to follow them on social media @fiercemarriage


  • Grit n Grace

This is a podcast which is all about equipping women from all backgrounds with the word of God and encouraging listeners to fully embrace all that God has got for them.

Hosted by Cheri Gregory and Amy Carroll, it feels like you are sitting down with two friends and chatting about life! There are over 100 episodes which cover a vast area of topics. One I have recently listened to and blessed me tremendously was episode #166 “How one woman turned trauma into triumph”.




Check out these lovely women and their podcast here:



And there you have it, just a few of my favourites at the moment. I am also searching for a new podcast to tune in to – so please share any recommendations on podcasts that you are listening to!


Have a lovely week,

Chloe  x

Chloe Ados


  1. Having attended Hillsong London for a few years before moving back to the US, I can say that Cathy Clarke is such a kind warm hearted and genuine person! Was nice seeing her in your podcast recommendations!
    I am also currently engaged so looking forward to going through the fierce marriage podcasts and will be sure my future husband tunes in as well!

    Thanks and blessings

  2. Great podcasts!
    I have been listening to one by Joyce at the moment. Cant remember the name but love listening to her on the way to work 🙂

    • Lol anything from Joyce Meyer usually gets a thumbs up from me! I will go and have a browse x

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