Why you should never be a trend follower.

To be honest, at one point, each one of us will follow a trend. Whether it’s getting the latest iphone or Prince George’s socks, one way or another, knowingly or unknowingly, we are buying in. People are paid millions to figure us out, so that we are easily influenced and convinced, and so we are. A little too easily sometimes. When it comes to fashion, because of time or money, many of us will have noticed we just can’t keep up. The fashion cycle moves fast! And I mean ‘the speed of light’ fast.

We buy the orange blazer, and before we know it, the trend forecasters are crying pink! Drives me absolutely crazy, and leaves me feeling deceived.  So why do I declare a boycott on those obvious calls to trends?

-Trying to keep up can add you to fashion’s hamster wheel and you will never arrive or keep up. As soon as you arrive in Paris, everyone’s off to London. That’s just the fashion drill!

-It’s hard on the pocket. If it is on trend, its new season stuff, and they will be looking to get the most out of you while the getting is good! And have you seen how many mini cycles happen in the new season?!

-You become part of a tribe. Yes, in Africa (as in many other parts of the world), you recognise a tribe by the way that they dress, their specific colours and style of clothes. They also have staple foods, special cultures, etc. We are just waiting on the trend forecasters to tell us what should be on our food menu and how to tie our shoe laces, to make this tribe complete.

– Sadly, trends are never a ‘one size fits all’.  Purple lipstick maybe in, but am dark skinned, and shift dresses maybe all the rage, but they may not suit my body type, and that’s okay. I no longer have to feel left out or behind!

This is why I have resolved to forget the trends and train! Train my ‘fashion eye’ to look out for individual pieces that reflect my style and not someone else’s vision. And also likewise, train my ‘fashion mind’ to interpret trends into my own style, expressing my true self! What do I have? What do I like, how can I mix and match instead of going out to buy some more?

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I know this is a hard one for the fashion lovers. We thrive on new, but we can thrive even more on unique! What trends did you buy into that had you ‘facepalm’ after a while? Me? On one occasion, tie and dye tights.


‘He has made everything beautiful in its time.’



  1. I just love this article… I couldn’t agree with you more, fashion is definitely about individual style, not trends!

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