10,000 ways that won’t work for an entrepreneur (An Entrepreneur’s journal)

I started, stopped then I started again. I started again having concluded the word ‘entrepreneur’, is a verb not a noun. Some of you probably already arrived at that conclusion a few business ventures ago! It’s not about ticking boxes otherwise the most loyal employees would be out there making it happen (they certainly know how to tick boxes). Creativity and innovation alone won’t get the job done either, and neither will superb managerial skills. No two entrepreneurs’ journeys will ever be the same! So if we are to look for the previous entrepreneur’s exact definition and manual for success, it may prove to be more of liability than an asset. What is it then? I don’t know. I have concluded that each individual’s formula is a secret, sometimes even to them. It’s like how my father’s pot of a tasty chilli beans will never be completely identical to mine, despite me starting off with his very recipe. People who use cook books will always tell you they made a few tweaks here and there to arrive at their bonne bouche. It’s not chance, it’s very much a science, producing a new successful formula each and every time an entrepreneur goes into the lab! The only things that link us all together in this breed, are a ‘light bulb moment’, consistency and persistence. Everything else is variable. We just have to keep on trying, learning and adding to our recipe’s until we each crack the secret formula.


A friend lent me a book called ‘ Brutal Simplicity of Thought’. I absolutely loved it. It was a delectable take on how different people arrived at their winning ideas. Am glad someone took the time to highlight the importance of simplicity and instinct in an age where entrepreneurs are running after the next big formula, and the next big slice of funding and frenzy is hinged on some complex innovation. It caters to those who, as stated, ‘simply’ just had a light bulb moment, that ‘simply’ came to fruition and not the ‘Forbes list pursuers’ calibre. Hey, some are addicted to the thrill and rewards, others just want to give birth… (But that’s a post for another day). It amplifies the mother who discovered the sauce while making dinner and not the execs that use big think tanks and never ending brainstorming sessions to crack the next big code. Indeed, the brutal simplicity of thought, ey?!

Am just a young entrepreneur, but  my personal conclusion; simplicity and an entrepreneurial spirit are the two parts embedded in a unique mustard seed  called FAITH that may need to be planted on several attempts to find the right soil.

Keep trying. Get it cooking, and keep stirring the pot. If you don’t want to burn, don’t step into the kitchen..

‘I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.’ ~ Thomas A. Edison



  1. My sister for the past two years has told me I have no entrepreneur skills. That must don’t think big. I love simple but amazing,I guess that’s where we differ.
    And this has made think I might be cooking the right bobo beans…..I just have to keep stirring! 🙂

  2. I agree with this post 100%. most innovations made in the past by entreprenuers or inventors stemmed from a simple source. it all comes down to intelligence, consistency and creativity.

  3. A verb!! Oh, yeah… ‘doing word’ comes right to the forefront here. As you say, ‘entrepreneur’, is a verb not a noun, for, considering it to be a noun would make it to mean that it’s an identifier, while in real sense it’s about the on-going trials, action, repetition until you come up with a winning formula.

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