For real, for real…
Forget what they told you, sold you..
This world doesn’t own you, needs to quit trying to mould you.
‘To thine own self be true!’ Why does that always sound new?

Life was given for you to find you, not buy you!
No one knows the true price of you. Not even you!
Look at the stars? Who did their maths?
Taught them to shine? Told them they look fine?

Who sold them their dreams ? How much do you think it cost them ?
Zero! No Dinero.
Doesn’t cost them a dime to dazzle on time.
Look how bright they shine!

I bet when they speak to each other, they say, ‘God made!’
For real, For real , am saying no deal!
No more shop bought dreams!
That’s how I feel.

You can’t tell me the price of me.
That’s a done deal; God made!
Am saying, let all else fade.
That’s the old phase.

Right now, it’s time to blaze.
Right next to the stars that shine,
Am thinking, ‘Me too; God made’.
For real, for real, that’s how I feel!



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