There’s many definitions out there and I am just going to throw my own definition in there.

Self Image – The revelation God gave on who He intends for us to be and continually become.

If you are not a christian, I expect you will have difficulty accepting my definition but over a series of posts here and on my youtube channel I will work on sharing what God has shown me to be his  take on self image from the beginning and where it all branched off from. Perhaps  after you can arrive at your own definition.

There’s many movements involving self image now more than ever, each pushing its version of self image onto women, young girls and anyone impressionable out there, which is pretty much anyone! Every movement is saying,’ Here’s our version, here’s how you should see yourself.’

There’s always a wave at different points in time but no matter the wave, no matter the point in time, the root cause of our pursuits and action is always, our self image!

As part of this generation, here’s what I am noticing about the latest  wave my generation is caught up in. It’s entirely about ‘looks’, the more skin I show the more confident and trendy I appear.  A ‘make-up obsession’, (which really ties into the mindset that ‘looks are everything’). The louder and more confrontational, the stronger we appear! The more polished our social media page, the more directional and driven we appear.

And that’s just scheming the surface. There’s people next to naked pictures on Instagram , a slut walk, people taking pictures on private jets (which it turns out, most of them do not own or charter),  and a host of various actions to prove our ’cause’ which is really more of ‘effect’ rather than a cause!  I believe every movement/cause is just really an effect being misinterpreted as a cause. Every movement is really an effect of self image!

Truthfully, a number of factors affect our self image. Upbringing, culture, religion, circumstance and most recently and probably most especially for millennials, social media!

It would appear at this particular point; nothing is speaking louder than social media and celebrity!

However for my particular study and writings, I will be delving into another factor, one often overlooked. A factor, I have concluded to be the origin of it all. The word of God…



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