Have you ever wondered how some people have 24 hours in a day and accomplish so much and yet others accomplish so little with the same amount of time?  Could there be a secret fountain that efficient or successful people have discovered? Granted, we don’t all have the same amount on our individual plates  but  I  believe we each have a level of untapped depth. I am convinced this secret reserve does indeed exist within the human being, hence my latest mantra; ‘Dig deeper’.  There’s something at the deeper level, and even more at even deeper level.


In my current season of learning, unlearning and re-skilling, I decided to take on two highly engaging courses simultaneously; one in fashion and one in business.  These new skills and concepts had me itching to apply them to real life and so I decided to start research and development for my clothing brand. Midway through this undertaking, I realised I wasn’t making any progress. It’s sort of like being in a canoe and rowing, but not really getting anywhere. I was rowing all right, but it just seemed like before I could make any progress, a new passenger was coming on board.  Somewhere in the middle of all this, I took on two time staking content creation projects with two different individuals. By nature of the courses progressing on, and being a part of a social circle which sometimes requires or requests your gifts, talents or even simply your presence, I realised my canoe was way over maximum capacity. But again, this did not just suddenly happen. I was conscious when I said ‘yes’ to all these passengers coming on board. But I continued rowing at the same pace (As you do! Denial, right!). I could see the signs but the pace didn’t change. Not until my lecturers, pointed out that I was drastically behind and risked capsizing all together from the weight of all these passengers. 

These are the moments were I am really grateful that God grants us purpose, gifts and talents but also the Holy spirit and His word to help  navigate and its through prayer that I began to turn the voyage around.  In this sort of situation, we tend to think that numbers in the boat have to decrease, but actually, I discerned that I needed to build my capacity. 

Everything in my boat was an answer to my prayers. I need to learn the various aspects of business and I always wanted to learn how to construct garments. Also, for all this learning to mean something, I need to be applying  the skills into my start up. Plus, I am passionate about christians creating online content. These are all legitimate passengers, none of them have ‘fluked’ this boat ride. And so with this realisation, I began to create the capacity. Here’s what I have learned in my quest so far:

Attitude. Firstly, what is the attitude towards the predicament? Do you feel overwhelmed and incapable or do you feel like you can rise to the occasion. Often we make this assessment based on our feelings and not accurate knowledge.  What if the attitude was that ‘there must be avenues within me and out with, that I can explore to allow me to write this book after I get home in evening.’ This attitude moment is also an altitude moment. It is that make or break moment where we either stagnate (stop rowing all together), or start  frantically throwing passengers overboard, or start to sink, or rise to the occasion by deciding  to build capacity. 

In order to build capacity, our attitude should be one of continued learning and increased appetite for change.

Relationships. Secondly, what are your relationships like? You would be surprised how many things we eat that we don’t necessarily have the appetite for. I have shared previously how I used to feel the need to drink coffee simply because I was meeting up with a friend at  a coffee shop. It’s the same with relationships; some are not growing and yet still demand investment . Counterintuitively, we continue to try and cultivate where the ground is barren; wasting transferable capacity. Other times, we forget to set boundaries or manage  the demands from relationships. Sometimes we hang around with people who have no introspect, or don’t want to evolve. Imagine the impact of the presence of these people in a canoe that is trying to move forward.  Similarly, imagine the impact of a person who understands the direction of the canoe.  And so, it not necessarily about doing away with relationships, it’s about cultivating the right ones. 

Time keeping and organisation.  Sometimes when we need a drastic change, a drastic measure is required. I believe this to be the case for time keeping and organisation when building capacity. What this means is if a situation is  at -2,  and you need to be at 5  then you should apply 7. Not 3, not 4 not 5 (these are baby steps). You must apply 7 which is the beginning of extreme.  Here’s the thing; 5 is actually average. If you needed the situation to be at 8, you would have to apply 10 to get there faster. And so it is with time keeping and organisation. I believe to build capacity you have to edit what and how you spend your time  on ruthlessly and drastically. This is the only way to create more time. For me this means a careful ‘Yes’ and drastic application of ‘No’ to help me avail the time that I need to go over my  creative concepts and study. Watch those minutes closely.

Vision. Keep a balanced vision in front of you. Vision, and more especially palatable goals are the lifeblood of capacity. Their existence is how you discern you need capacity in the first place, why you must build capacity and why you must do it right. A company that only communicates a goal to meet a one billion pound turn over target  and a vision to be the best at what they do seems reasonable but will most probably cultivate a culture of overlooking employees wellbeing. On the other hand, a company that continually communicates  a vision to cultivate individuals towards reaching a one billion dollar pound turn over will probably cultivate culture of looking after employees while achieving goals. And so it is with our personal visions. If the only thing we keep in-front of us is the figures and milestones we can end up forgetting those around us who  are helping us, or who are meant to be benefiting from the vision’s purpose. 

I personally try and maintain a healthy vision by reminding myself that I am a multi-dimensional being. I possess intellectual, spiritual , emotional and physical dimensions and all these elements must be represented in my vision. Capacity must be built in all these dimensions. I believe this is why God made us so multilayered. Balance is important.

Planning. Without planning you can’t understand how much you have of anything,  and you much you need of a thing.  It wasn’t until I started to plan my days that I realised just how many impromptu plans come up. I was shocked how much time I could avail just by refusing short notice plans. I was able to quantify how behind I was. I was equally surprised how much time it took for me fully grasp and review academic papers and how much the quality of my creative concepts grew and improved with the amount of time I put in. 

If there’s one thing I know about life, it’s that very few things are sudden. It doesn’t just suddenly rain. Firstly, we can see the clouds gather.  Neither is a baby just suddenly born; it takes a few months to develop in the womb. Dreams aren’t shelved in one moment. This happens gradually, as we fail to identify areas that can be cultivated and how they can be cultivated. In most cases, life will send an alert before these eventualities kick in. 

What signs are showing you the need to build capacity before it’s too late ? 

How to make your home COSY this Autumn!

Happy Thursday RM fam,

I am currently counting down til the weekend so i can cosy up in some NEW fall pjs and some pumpkin chai!

I’m embracing all things fall at the moment, and that includes changing the décor around my home to make it extra cosy!

The good things is that changing things up around your home does not have to be costly; I will share some of my favourite places to get home stuff for around this time of the year also.

Here are my top picks for giving my home a mini Autumn overhaul:


  • Stock up on pillows/blankets/throws

What better way to make things extra cosy than having throws and pillows around the lounge! So ideal for when guests come over or when you are having a cosy night in with Netflix.

I have seen really nice ones in Primark and also Matalan this past weekend:



These cosy ones are from Matalan: https://www.matalan.co.uk/homeware/living?utf8=%E2%9C%93&%5Bfacet_filter%5D%5Bmeta.sub_category%5D%5BCushions%20and%20Throws%5D=on&%5Bfacet_filter%5D%5Bmin_current_price%5D%5Bgte%5D=1.0&%5Bfacet_filter%5D%5Bmin_current_price%5D%5Blte%5D=159.99&per=36&sort=

(And I saw quite a few on sale!)

  • Candles, candles and more candles

My ultimate place for stocking up on fall candles: TK Maxx. Seriously go there and have a look at the variety that they have! Its sooo good and they are always at a very goof price range.

My favourite scents? Pumpkin spice (of course), Spiced apple/orange and cinnamon scents are always a good choice in my books!

Here are some that TK Maxx at the moment:



  • Get you some faux plants

When days are dark and gloomy I think that flowers/plants (even fake) bring a bit of personality and brightness to any room.

We have them in the living room, kitchen and guest bedroom.

Here are some pretty ones I saw when browsing around, IKEA is a great place to find them and at such a bargain too:



  • Linen

Always nice to get fresh sets when a new season comes, and I love the ones in Next at the moment: simple, neutral and cosy!


You can see what they have at the moment here: NEXT Duvet Sets


  • Wicker baskets

Slightly random, but I get fall vibes whenever I see these on Pinterest. They are also pretty ideal for storing throws and blankets.

Again I have seen some really nice, inexpensive ones from TK Maxx:



You can have a look at the different ones here: TK Maxx Wicker Baskets


These are a few of my favourite things! Its great how the little things like these mentioned make such a difference around your home!


What do you like to add in/around your home to get that fall vibe going? I’d love to know!


Have a great end to the week


Chloe x


Hey RM fam, and happy Monday! Hope you’re having a great start to the week, and we are almost in October!

I don’t know about you, but I had one of those mornings today where my coffee needed a coffee.

I had to watch a pep talk on Youtube on the commute to work AND repeat my worship playlist to try and kick start my energy/motivation level to get this day started!

I know a lot of people can feel the Monday blues at one point or another, especially if you have a long/busy week ahead.

I wake up super early and make my Mondays quite productive, people often ask “how do I do it”. The short answer is sleep and caffeine!

But there are other things I put in place which definitely helps me tackle a rough Monday start!

First things first – I give the start of my day to God. What does that mean? This can consist of a few things. I go in prayer, read the word/chapter of a devotional, talk to Him about things that are going on etc. For me there is no better way to start the day. Doing this helps me put things in perspective; this day is for Him and to give Him glory. As long as I keep Him the focus of the day I’ll be good and would have done good. I like this saying when it comes to spending time with God: Stay plugged into the ultimate source, and your fuel will be good for the day.



Music is good for the soul. It is amazing what music can do to lift your mood. I have a morning worship playlist which not only helps me wake up, but also helps me get my mind right to face whatever the day brings. So, I would really recommend creating a morning playlist if you don’t have one already!

Have a good breakfast. I am a foodie, and any recommendations where it involves food I am all for it. Whatever a nice breakfast is for you – go for it. It gives you something to look forward to and will also help with energy levels. My personal fave brekkie for a Monday is a croissant with fruit salad and green tea.

Have something to look forward to. It may be that really luscious latte at lunch, going to a workout class, meeting up with a friend after the office etc. This helps me stay motivated during a Monday in the office knowing I have something to look forward to, it doesn’t have to be something expensive or fancy! Mondays I have made my go to for reading and having a pumpkin latte after work! My ideal evening!

What do you do to kick start your week when your motivation levels are not at their peak? I would love to know!


Chloe x





Hey RM fam, and hello fall!

Does anyone else love the Autumn season? I have to admit: I’m all for the pumpkin spice and everything nice!






I love this time of the year- but there is one thing I struggle with: the darker mornings and earlier evenings.

The struggle is REAL and I know I’m not the only one who can find this a challenge when the days get shorter.

I thought I would share what I like to do which helps (especially the mornings!)

Routine is important, but also remember to socialise!

It’s good to have a routine and stick to it – as this can help your mind and body get used to the darkness both in the morning and late afternoon. Try and go to bed, wake up around the same time.

Something I have noticed is that I am a lot more social during the summer (when the days are longer and brighter). I would often meet up with friends after work while the sun was still out. When it comes to the darker months however I find that this is not the case.

When it gets dark out it can be easy to limit your evenings, but don’t forget meeting up with friends and also having fun during the week! It’s good for the soul, breaks the week so its not all about work and can really boost your mood!

Be careful with that snooze button.

I might get a weird look with this one, but I don’t use the snooze button. However, because I know a LOT of people do I’ll just advise to be careful using it during the mornings when its so dark out. I mean it’s a struggle to get out of bed as it is! The darkness can trick your mind into wanting to go back to sleep thinking it’s still the middle of the night, and that snooze button will look extra tempting.

Also, while I’m on the subject of time: get up earlier. This works really well for me in handling the darker mornings! Try and get up 10 or 15 minutes earlier which might not seem like a lot of time –  but hey I believe any time given in the morning is valuable, especially if you have to get up early for work!

Having those extra few minutes helps me mentally prep for the day (and also helps me to get myself up!).

Do a mini workout.

I’m not saying jumping out of bed and doing an hour of intensive workout or doing a somersault to the gym (but if you want to do that then hey go for it! All power to you!).

If I am really struggling to wake up, what I have found super beneficial is to do a mini workout from YouTube. There are a LOT of workout videos that are specifically tailored to do for a short amount of time. This has really helped give me a kick in the morning when I’m feeling sluggish. I don’t do this every day but when I do I feel a difference in my energy levels and mood.


I know that most of these tips don’t exactly sound fun but they are ways I cope with the change in weather as we fall into Autumn (hah! see what I did there?).

I hope they are also helpful for you in handling those difficult mornings and nights!



Chloe x